Darkness is Rebellion


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released May 20, 2019

Recorded, mixed & additional guitars: Jorge Recabarren P.
Santiago y Viña del Mar, Chile, 2019

Mastering: Victor Bullok, Woodshed studios, Germany.

Paola Z: Drums
Marce ZB: Bass
Comegato: Guitar & throath

Thanx and hello to : Jorge Recabarren, Swen Hauser, Paolo & La Caliya, Nueva Actitud, Sangría, Lacra, Roberto Mora, Chargola, Alvaro Maureira, Anton Reisenegger (additional vocals in "La Pestilencia"), Gastón Cantillana, John Diaz, Leo Pozo, Victor Bullok, Estudio Castillo Sonoro, Ritual Serigrafía, y especialmente a nuestra familia.


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Making noise since 2002...
Paola Z: Drums
Marcela Z: Fuzz Bass
Comegato: Guit & Throat

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Track Name: Vita in Morte
In the midst of life we are in death
into the bitter pain of thr eternal death.
Track Name: Ready to Strike
Condemned to die before i could breathe
This earth has died no one has seen
Millions are screaming the dead are still living
The nuclear warheads are ready to strike
This worls is so fucked let´s end it tonight
Millions are screaming the dead are still living
Track Name: Kill (to survive)
Get out of my way with all the force
now i can fight i will resist
rising the servants with flags of hate
existance is pain burning as hell
Promises of heaven die by the blade
Now is the wartime in hell they will be rot
Kill all the bastards our vengeance is done
Track Name: Self Destruction
Demon come live in me
possession fill me with disease
temptation a fire set aflame
feral instincts go insane

Trembling in the balance
exploring new extremes
Self destruction
come in my dreams

Shameless searching endlessly
appease the burning urge in me
hunger of a thousand wolverines
satisfaction any means
Track Name: Fly by Night
Sons of satan blasting away
Demoniac waste time so much gain

Waiting for the last time bleeding uncontrolled
My last kingdom killing for the start

South cold winds blow guideing my path
After the battle became my grave

Fly by night

Nightmares ruling my fate
My life turn into black
Demons crossing the mirror
At my side i feel the void
Sacred ground rotten earth
Ashes to dust decomposed
Shadows corpse misty night
Rotting christ before my eyes
Track Name: La Pestilencia
Matanza total miedo y terror están gobernando
Siente el hedor descomposición se pudre la carne
signos del fin desolación muertos vivientes

The worms the rats the pest

El hedor el terror la pestilencia
Track Name: Cut Throat
Stronger than reason
Stronger than lies
the only truth I know
is the look in your eyes
just like a car crash
just like a knife
my favourite weapon
is the look in your eyes

Like cut throat pain

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